Ring-Tailed Lemur

Duke University has the largest population of lemurs in the world outside of their native Madagascar. You can visit the lemurs in Duke Forest during feeding time if you want a chance to get close.  These are the ring-tailed lemurs, though Duke has a lot of different kinds of lemur.

You have to walk through a chain-link tunnel to get to the enclosed part of the forest. The larger ruffled lemurs run down the sides of the tunnel with you. Apparently any shyness is jettisoned when they know the food is coming. As you step into the forest, the ring-tailed lemurs are all around you standing to attention. They all follow the group as you walk to the clearing where the feeding happens.

They are much quicker than the ruffled lemurs, and they skip around the whole time you are standing there.  Once they have grabbed some food, they tend to sunbathe for a few minutes.  The experience lasts for about 10-15 minutes, as the lemurs disappear into the woods after they have eaten.

I will post photos of the ruffled lemurs next week.

Lemur 7

Lemur 8

Lemur 9

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