Fireworks 1

Boston Pops Independence Day Fireworks!

This was my first time at the Boston Pops Fireworks…

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Lemur 6

Ruffled Lemur

Here’s another series of images from the Duke Lemur Center…

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Lemur 1

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Duke University has the largest population of lemurs in the…

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Hamadryas Baboon

Baby Hamadryas Baboon

I used to spend a lot of time photographing at…

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Arethusa Falls, New Hampshire, White Mountains, Waterfalls, Franconia Notch, Franconia, State Park, Water, Black and White, New England, River, Stream, Rocks, Waterfall, SImon Goodacre Photography, SImon Goodacre, NH

Arethusa Falls

Here’s a shot from spring 2013. It is actually one…

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Bird, Worcester, Water, Bread, Feeding, Ripples, Massachusetts, New England, MA, Elm Park, Ducks, Geese, Wildlife,

Bird in Water

Here’s a blast from the past. I caught this guy…

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Fallen Leaves in New Hampshire

Fallen Leaves in The White Mountains

This is my last image from the Cascade Brook Trail…

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