Bass Harbor Head Light

And the award for most aggravating photograph in Acadia goes to… this one!  I actually showed up at dawn to shoot this lighthouse on the first day I was in the park, but I arrived a bit later that I had hoped.  Bass Harbor is on the southern most tip of Acadia, and we were staying on the northern side of the island, so it takes about half an hour to get there.  I was not happy with the morning photographs (two of which are featured blow), so I returned at sunset.

What is the biggest difference between shooting the Bass Harbor Head Light at sunrise and sunset?  I would say about forty people.  Jockeying for position was so difficult that I almost abandoned the project completely.  However, i toughed it out, and I got some photographs that were… mediocre.  I walked away thinking that the one featured below would be the best of the night.  As I was leaving, I ended up speaking to some Italians who had recently moved to Boston.  After a while, I turned around, the sky had become much more dramatic, and (much to my girlfriend’s chagrin) I ran back to get a couple more shots.  It just proves that sometimes you just have to stick with it.

Another photograph from sunset:Bass Harbor Head Light reject-1

Two pictures from sunrise:Bass Harbor Head Light reject-2 Bass Harbor Head Light reject-3

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